Reference Book of the Week: Women in Combat

March is Women’s History Month, so we are featuring a reference book about women in our semi-regular feature Reference Book of the Week. Women in Combat: A Reference Handbook is part of the Contemporary World Issues series published by ABC-CLIO. This series covers topics such as animal rights, lobbying in the U.S., environmental justice, and women in combat, which is our highlight this month. This series provides a good starting point for research in the topics the series covers. You can start your research with a book like Women in Combat and then move on to more in-depth tools such as article databases.

Women in Combat features eight chapters filled with good information. Some of the chapter topics include:

  • Background information and history of women in war and combat.
  • Problems, controversies, and solutions related to women in combat roles. Issues such as women’s physical abilities, effect on readiness, and societal expectations are discussed here.
  • A selection of primary documents and statistics.
  • A chapter on print and nonprint sources featuring books, journals, hearings, and Internet sites, and more.

This is an easy to use and read reference book. It is well organized, and it features a good index to help you find any specific terms or information of interest. The role of women in combat is a topic that comes and goes in the news cycle as women continue to fight for equality in and out of the battlefield. This book is a good resource to get a better understanding of this topic, plus it provides good guidance for further research and exploration.

You can find the book in the library’s reference collection. The call number is R 355.408 S626w 2011.


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