Hutchins Creative Arts Prize Winners

Please congratulate this year’s Francis S. Hutchins Creative Arts prize winners!

Prize-winning work in literature, art, and music is currently displayed in Hutchins Library on the main floor near the copiers. Please stop by to read, view, and listen. The display will be up through the end of this term.

Hutchins Creative Arts Prizes 2015

  • Literature, first prize: Carolyn Romano, “Anatomy of a Poet”
  • Literature, second prize: Jesse Fowler, “Fractaling Out from Nothing, Forever in Pursuit of It”
  • Literature, third prize (shared):
    Naomi Alixandra Nichelle Burke, “A Photographic Contemplative Journey with Howard Zehr, Esther de Waal and Thomas Merton”
    Nicholas Riley, “Lotus”
Creative Prize in Literature winners

Creative Prize in Literature winners

  • Visual Art, first prize: Maria Deiter, “Symbolic Life Objects”
  • Visual Art, second prize: Taylor Michelle Styles, “Twins”
  • Visual Art, third prize: Jackson Napier, “Wine Tumbler Set (3)”
Maria Deiter, “Symbolic Life Objects”

Maria Deiter, “Symbolic Life Objects”

Taylor Michelle Styles, “Twins”

Taylor Michelle Styles, “Twins”

Jackson Napier, “Wine Tumbler Set (3)”

Jackson Napier, “Wine Tumbler Set (3)”

  • Music, first prize (shared):
    Emily Franklin, “Final Benediction”
    Mark Ross, “Be Thou My Vision”
  • Music, second prize: Lorenz Estrada, “Kundiman”
  • Music, third prize (shared):
    Myel Byrd, “Reminisce”
    Carolyn Romano, “How Stars Are Born”
Music listening station

Music listening station


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