Remembering Julian Bond

Julian Bond passed away this past Saturday, August 15th. Bond’s life was one of change-making and service to others, as exemplified by his leadership on the Georgia State House of Representatives and the Georgia State Senate, as well as in his role as President of the NAACP. Additionally, he was an author, an educator, an anti-war activist, and was the narrator of the PBS documentary series Eyes on the Prize, about the civil rights movement.

Julian Bond

Julian Bond. Image courtesy of Berea College Archives.

Bond’s family had connections to Berea. His grandfather, James Bond, was an 1892 graduate of Berea and served as a Trustee from 1896 to 1914. Julian Bond gave the address for Berea’s 149th Commencement, in addition to giving an address to Berea College students and faculty as part of the College’s observance of Black History Month, September 14, 1975. A sound recording of that address can be found below:


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