Lunch in the Library: “Appalachians in Motion – We Are How We Move”

Christopher : archivist, curator, and musician

Christopher : archivist, curator, and musician

from Sound Archivist Harry Rice:

“Join us in Hutchins Library at 11:45 for a presentation by Christopher Miller, an independent archivist, curator, and musician living in Radford, Virginia.

Christopher’s research draws from the work of philosophers who focus on the human body as a means of understanding who we are and what we know in the world. The primary question he is seeking to answer is: what do Appalachian bodies, movement, and gesture reveal about being of Appalachia? His project aims to reveal embodied Appalachia, both differences and continuities across time, from heavily prescribed movement such as dance to the ways we interact in our daily lives.

His work in the Berea Archives involves studying the patterns of body related thought and behavior documented in dance related materials such as Appalachian dance hall video, traditional dance oral histories, and the more complex references in song texts, such as those captured by Alan Lomax in his 1930s Kentucky recordings.”

Where: the flex space on the main floor of Hutchins Library
What:   lunch and a lecture
When:  11:45am-1pm, Wednesday Sept. 30th
Who:    Christopher Miller


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