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Valeria Watkins: Solo Exhibition

African American Artist, Valeria Watkins (Dr. Valeria) is showing 20 original acrylic paintings in a solo exhibition in the lobby of Hutchins Library this month. The show will run through January 30th. Please join us Friday Jan. 15th from 4:30pm – 5:30pm for the show’s opening reception.


When asked about her work, Watkins had this to say:

“I never imagined this show as a possibility . While I have been in-love with painting since the fourth grade, I never aspired to do more than paint what I enjoyed. Certainly, I never thought that I would be invited to have an exhibition. While I have had several pieces in group exhibits and pieces have sold, yet looking back, I think I have given more paintings away as gifts.

I started painting in oils many years ago, but after relocating to Berea from California, I have been working in acrylics. They are so forgiving. I love color! Using colors to bring an image forward continues to captivate my journey as an artist. I love mixing colors and using colors to bring something from deep within to take direction and shape on the canvas. If I don’t like it I paint over it! My paintings have to feel right to me. Being an artist is exciting, demanding and challenging and I love it.

The majority of these paintings are from 2015. I had the time and creative direction to produce a lot of art. These paintings are predominantly abstract images with a few from the later part of 2014. I love experimenting with textures. I repurpose as many things as I can think of that will help me influence and restructure the flat canvas. Those pieces are designated as multi-media.

It is that quiet space between my thoughts that I work hard to paint from. Freeing myself from the boundaries of right and wrong. That is why I love abstract. Each viewer interprets from their own experience which makes it a more personal connection to the work.

Please enjoy!”




Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.


Stop by the display area near vending on the main floor of Hutchins to check out materials by and about the life and times of Martin Luther King, Jr. These items will be on display until Jan. 24th.

As a reminder, Hutchins Library will be closed on Monday, Jan. 18th until 6pm so that library staff, faculty, and student workers will be able to participate in the MLK, Jr. festivities.


End of Semester Support

You’ve made it to finals week! Woohoo!

If an unfinished paper is keeping you from celebrating just yet, head over to Hutchins for help.

As always, our librarians and student reference consultants are available at the reference desk every hour that the library is open, as well as by appointment if you need it, to assist you with locating appropriate resources for your research paper.

For today and tomorrow, however, we are also fortunate enough to play host to consultants from Writing Resources, in the Center for Transformative Learning. To learn more about how they can help you, check out their flyer below:


Convocation Presenter: Theda Skocpol

Hutchins Library owns several books related to yesterday’s convocation by Theda Skocpol. If you are interested in learning more about Obama’s presidency, Tea Party Republicans, or the future of American politics, stop by the cafe display area and check out one of the following titles by Ms. Skocpol:

  1. The Tea Party and the remaking of Republican conservatism ( call # 320.5209 S628t 2012)
  2. The Politics of social policy in the United States (call # 361.6109 P769)
  3. Social policy in the United States : future possibilities in historical perspective (call # 361.6109 S628s)
  4. The missing middle : working families and the future of American social policy (call # 361.6109 S628m)
  5. Protecting soldiers and mothers : the political origins of social policy in the United States ( call # 361.973 S628p)
  6. States and social revolutions : a comparative analysis of France, Russia, and China (call # 303.62 S628s)
  7. Civic engagement in American democracy (call # 323.042 C582)
The Second Annual Edward J. Shoen Leading Scholars Lecture featured Theda Skocpol, the Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology and Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. Held at Arizona State UniversityÕs Sandra Day OÕConner College of Law, Professor Skocpol's lecture was titled,

Yesterday’s Convocation Speaker, Theda Skocpol

Convocation and Lobby Display: John Agnew and Art in Nature

If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to stop by the library lobby to view various works of art on display by this week’s convocation speaker, and naturalist artist, John Agnew.

To look at John Agnew’s work is to enter the mysterious and enchanting world of a forest floor, mountainous cliffs and crags, the heights of a rain forest or the surface of a hidden pond. Each painting draws you in to its unique environment” (from amazon.com).

Agnew on Display

select pieces by artist John Agnew, on display in the library lobby

The works on display are currently available for purchase. To learn more about Agnew or his art, visit his website: http://www.angelfire.com/id/wildscenes/

Agnew’s art inspired our display of books in the cafe area.There are a variety of titles and styles represented in the display, but all share a common focus: the beauty of the natural world.

This illustration is from the book Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel

This illustration is from the book ‘Art Forms in Nature’ by Ernst Haeckel

Convocation Presenters: Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies

Did you enjoy last night’s convocation performers, Mojo & the Bayou Gypsies? If so, stop by our display near the cafe area and check out their cd Better Get Ready … Mojo‘s in Town, call # CD 781.6M715b 2005.

Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies

Want to learn more about the genre of music that inspires Mojo & the Bayou Gyspies? According to the Oxford Companion to Music, Zydeco is the traditional music of the Creole people, of mixed European and African descent, in the gulf region of the USA, particularly south-western Louisiana.

Check out these sources, also on display, for more information about this music genre, or to listen to another example of Zydeco at it’s finest:

  • Ancelet, Barry J, and Elemore Morgan. The Makers of Cajun Music =: Musiciens Cadiens Et Créoles. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1984. Print.    call # 781.6241 A538m 1984
  • Brasseaux, Ryan A, and Kevin S. Fontenot. Accordions, Fiddles, Two Step & Swing: A Cajun Music Reader. Lafayette, LA: Center for Louisiana Studies, 2006. Print.     call # 781.6241 A172 2006
  • Brasseaux, Ryan A. Cajun Breakdown: The Emergence of an American-Made Music. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Print.     call # 781.6241 B823c 2009
  • Dural, Buckwheat. Menagerie: The Essential Zydeco Collection. N[ew] Y[ork], NY: Mango Records, 1993. Sound recording.     call # CD 781.629 B926m 1993
  • Wood, Charles R, and James Fraher. Texas Zydeco. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2006. Print.    call # 781.6241 W874t 2006